“I looked into numerology because I was seeking for help and guidance. I found the report very accurate and I believe helpful. I appreciate that Asoka Selvarajah was helpful even after having sent the report. Looking forward to see how this year develops in accordance with my report and I am certain to be referring to it through out the year.”

Anya Rubin, New York, USA (Artist, Anyaart.com)


“Dr. Asoka has written me a precise and detailed Numerology report. Almost all his revelations about me are incredibly accurate both positive and negative details, I was truly amazed.


What was more interesting, his invaluable advice and suggestions for me to work on my weakness and strength in every aspects of my life. He has predicted a promotion or pay rise is inevitable before end of? 2012, yes I got the promotion and pay rise September/2012.

I found his report extremely helpful. Thank you very much Dr. Asoka for bringing clarity into my life. May God bless you. I would recommend anyone seeking clarity in their life and future to consult Dr. Asoka Selvarajah. I truly enjoyed his insightful reading.”

Revathy S. Govindasamy, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.


“I really am beginning to understand the importance of the numbers in our names and how they affect our lives. I am still trying to digest the report, as it is quite detailed. Inumerology report truly appreciated the method you use where you link up the different numbers in the different categories, which affects change and a particular effect in our lives. I also appreciated the daily, monthly, and yearly forecast.

I have to admit though, that I was absolutely floored by the Diamond Report. I have not had such a crystal clear and precision accurate report before. I have had many astrological charts, numerology charts, readings done by psychics, but no one was ever able to explain why certain things happened in my life and continue to happen persistently. Your Diamond Report explained it so well and accurately. Even my negative tendencies were accurate to the ‘T’. I appreciated the recommendations. Again, I thank you for this insightful reading. I absolutely loved it.”

Usha Shah, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada


“Hi Asoka,

I did find my Numerology report very insightful and was laughing a lot about how right on it was. I am very happy I did this because it does help me understand myself better. Being able to see the good, bad and ugly and understand the significance makes life’s journey much easier to get through.

After reading my report I was relieved to see I am pretty much where I need to be. Also it helps me understand what’s happening and to keep moving forward in the right direction.

This is very interesting stuff, these numbers. Thank you for the opportunity to understand myself, and my life. Good job! ”

Linda M. Gillis, Oconto Falls, Wisconsin, USA


“I never really believed in this divination-like stuff, Numerology included, and got these reports done for me on the whim of a friend. But from the moment I began reading the first report my mouth fell open! It’s was like somebody had looked into my mind and described EXACTLY my personality and way of thinking, it was almost spooky to be honest.

As a result of these Numerology reports, I not only recognized my known character traits, but also was able to understand myself and my inner wishes better, which helps me to be more in harmony with my inner self and now both my work and private life have visibly improved.”

Alice Halliwell (Bucharest, Romania)


“Thank you Dr. Asoka.

I enjoyed reading your Numerology Personality Profile and Forecast Report guide.

I really liked the detailed numerology guidance that I received from you, Dr Asoka. Whilst I do not resonate with everything in the report, I found that overall it really helps me to determine my strengths and weaknesses so that I can improve myself to be better.

You did a fabulous job. Thank you again!”

Amirol Zulkifli

(Miss Halliwell & Mr. Zulkifli did receive complimentary numerology reports in exchange for their testimonials).

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  1. Dear Dr. Asoka,
    I would like to have my consultations with you regarding about my name, and details forcast about my soul potential, please let me know about your fee that you will charge for your services.
    Thank you so kindly for your great work!
    Waves of Peace, Blessings and Abundance!

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