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Breakthrough Numerology Secrets!

?Why Your Secret Numbers Hold Critical Keys To A Lifetime Of Success, Happiness, Health  & Wealth!?


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?Dear Friend,

??Are you yearning to enjoy a happier, healthier, more abundant and inspired life?  But you just don?t know how?

If so, this may be the most important ?letter you?ll ever read.

?You?re clearly a person on a quest for spiritual and personal growth (or else you wouldn?t be here). So, you seek to maximize your potential. Be all you can be. Give all you can to your profession, your family and the world.

You want to be your very best.

??But here?s the thing?

Do you really know what makes you tick? What enormous forces lie beneath the surface of your conscious mind, to either help or hinder you?

Numerology Personality Profile & Forecast Report

?To succeed massively in any life area, it?s critical to understand your personal strengths and overall life purpose.

Knowing these gives you the driving force to thrive against all opposition. In fact, ?Know Thyself? was the ancient maxim above the doorway into the Oracle of Delphi in Ancient Greece.

Because self-knowledge is the underlying key to success, happiness, wealth, and good fortune.

Knowing yourself to your very depths means you also know your life purpose; who you are, why you are here, and what you are meant to be doing. And this means you get to live the life you dream of? the life you were born to live.

This is where Numerology ? the ancient science of the key numbers in your life ? comes in. Because the most amazing thing about Numerology is its stunning accuracy.

In fact, if this is the first time you?ve looked into Numerology, you?ll be astounded by the depth of profound insight you?ll gain into your life, behavior, and habits. Your strengths and weaknesses. Your recurring issues and challenges.

Like most people reading their first Numerology analysis, you?ll probably shake your head in disbelief and say, ?But even I don?t know myself that well!?

In fact, no friend, family member or psychologist can ever know you as well as your numbers do. That is because your numbers reveal who you really ARE and WHY you are here? at your core essence level.

To bring this home a little better, let me tell you...


My Personal Numerology Story

Frankly, the very notion of Numerology made me ?skeptical. Maybe like yourself right now, I asked myself, how could a bunch of numbers calculated from my name and date of birth ?possibly have anything meaningful to say about me at all?

The whole idea seemed absurd, especially ?to someone like myself with ?a PhD in Physics!

?Anyway, I decided to give it a try. Just for fun. With the help of a Numerology book, I calculated my key numbers and then looked ?up the relevant paragraphs describing them.

The results were utterly astounding!


?Dr. Asoka Selvarajah

It was as if someone knew me better than I know myself and was giving me profound ?advice. I recognized these insights ? both the positive as well as the critical ? as true and wise.

This was not newspaper "Sun Sign" nonsense. ?It was every bit as profound as Depth Psychology! Plus, there were SO MANY very specific insights derived from just ?my name and birthday. How could this be?

So, I tried this ?Numerology stuff? out on a couple of friends and the result was the same. They were ?astonished. One friend even commented on how the relationship material gave him new insights into his girlfriend and how they could better relate to each other from now on.

That is how my fascination with Numerology was born. And that is why I set up the Mystic 7 Numerology service. So that people like you could enjoy the same exciting discovery and astonishment I experienced the very first time.

Now, at this point, you may ask...

?How does Numerology work?

On the ?practical ?level, you simply provide your full name at birth and date of birth. That's all.

With this tiny amount of information,  we perform a ?miracle. We uncover an enormous wealth of highly accurate insights about ?you, usually without having ever met or spoken to ?you. 

It?s literally all in the numbers!

The letters of ?your name are converted to their numerical equivalents by using one or other of the standard ?Numerology tables. These are then reduced down to a single number, according to different numerology formulae.

?So, for example, there is the Expression Number, and the Personality Number. These are the two major numbers calculated from ?your name. However, there are many others that reveal ?key insights into different aspects of ?your psyche. ?And one of THE most important - the Life Path Number - comes from your date of birth.

Now, on a ?philosophical level, the answer to, ?How does numerology work?? is much harder to answer. However, ? perhaps we may gain some clues...

Both Science and Ancient Wisdom agree that at the fundamental level, Reality consists of Vibration.

Vibrations exist in various modes or energy levels. This is the key behind musical theory. It is also the key ?to quantum particle and nuclear physics. Indeed, properly understood, ?matter and radiation are ?different forms of the same energetic vibration. 

And they are controlled by nothing other than... ?Number!

So, Number and Vibration pervade the universe at its most fundamental and basic level. Can it be possible then? that Number also forms the basis of human psychology and interactions?

That seems to be what Numerology is telling us.

?So What Can Numerology Do For You?...

?In short, it opens up a whole new world of understanding and opportunity. Numbers reveal the ?secret patterns at work behind your personal and ?professional life, your relationships, your decisions ? everything.

Having such knowledge ?will super-charge your decision-making. You'll manifest your goals and dreams with ease. But not having it is ?like wandering around blind; a slave ?to unknown forces and unexpected life events.

Your Numerology report is a profound psycho-spiritual analysis. It reveals who you are and what makes you tick. It ?tells you what you came here to do - the why of your existence. It guides you to enhance your strengths and ?minimize ?your weaknesses.

You will finally be ?conscious of the large-scale patterns working throughout your life. You'll better understand the big picture about yourself ? your totality from a psychological and spiritual basis. This gives you the power to INTERVENE and make things the way YOU want them to be!

After all, self-knowledge is the key to Life Mastery in every aspect. And you deserve the very best life has to offer...

Better income. Loving relationships. Inner happiness and peace. Spiritual growth. The chance to live a life of abundance, prosperity and contribution; making use of your full potential as a human being.

That is the promise of Numerology.

And this is what the Personality Profile & Forecast Numerology Report is all about. That?s why it?s the core Numerology report - THE most critical we offer. So, let's get to the specifics.

In this report, you?ll discover key insights into your personality and character, as revealed by the number vibrations in your birth-date and full name.

But more than just confirming what you knew, this report will actually reveal astounding new insights about yourself that you?ll instantly recognize to be true.

It also includes daily, weekly and monthly Numerology forecasts for the coming year. This means you?ll know your best and worst days for initiating projects, traveling, purchasing expensive items, starting relationships and so on.

What secrets are hidden inside YOUR Numerology report?...

?First, you get detailed analysis of your four core numbers:

Life Path Number ? This reveals the broad outline of the opportunities, challenges, and lessons you will encounter in your life. Your Life path is the road you are traveling. It reveals the opportunities and challenges coming your way, as well as how best to deal with them.

Expression Number ? This number is all about your physical and mental constitution, the orientation or goal of your life.  If you prefer, it?s your Destiny number. It reveals your inner goal, the person you aim to be.  It also shows you the talents, abilities, and shortcomings that you entered this life with.

Personality  Number ?   Your Personality is all about the aspects of yourself that you feel comfortable in sharing with people at the outset of a relationship.  It acts as a filter and discriminates in the kinds of people and information you let enter your heart and mind. Also, it reveals how others perceive and think of you.

Birthday  Number ? The day you were born gives you excellent insights into understanding who you are and where your talents lie.  The day of birth indicates some special talent you possess; a special gift that will help you along your Life?s Path.

These four numbers alone are extremely insightful. However, they?re just the broad brush strokes. Because we go into MUCH more depth?

This report calculates certain secret numbers that Numerologist Hans Decoz discovered during his years of painstaking ?Numerology research. These numbers give you a wealth of even deeper insights into what makes you tick at every level.  These are so profound, YOU probably don?t know yourself this well!

Here are some of the other numbers that we calculate and explain to you: Heart?s Desire, Maturity, Karmic Lesson, Hidden Passion, Subconscious Self, Balance, Plane of Expression (Physical, Mental, Emotional, Intuitive), Rational Thought, Cornerstone, and much more.

?But with this report, we go way beyond ?personality...

?Numerology For The Time Cycles Of Yo?ur Life

The core analysis of your personality is insightful and powerful. You will benefit from this alone. But what may be even more important is the dynamic effect your numbers have on the cycles of your life. These are critical long-term influences that almost nobody know about. Yet, they are affecting your life for better or worse? RIGHT NOW!

You get an in-depth understanding of your Challenges, Pinnacles and Essences; key long-term numbers that can have radical effects upon your life and thinking. Once you understand this information, you will have a heightened awareness of how your life has been following a meaningful pattern of guidance that has led you up to this very moment. You will also see the trends shaping up for the future.

PLUS? you get your Personal Year analysis for the next three years, showing you the broad trends of the year for you personally.

AND you get your personal month AND day analysis for the next 12 months! This means you will be able to look at any day or month in the coming year and understand the kind of ?Numerology energies, opportunities and challenges operating for you over that specific time period! You?ll be able to decide the ideal time period to begin projects, plan journeys, and start new ventures. You?ll also know the times to avoid, when to retrench, and when to be cautious.

Frankly, the Personality Profile and Forecast Report gives you a deeper insight into yourself than you might hope to gain from a trained psychologist. That?s because your numbers know you better than anyone does, even yourself.

They shape and define you, but they don?t control you. That?s because at any time you have free will to choose your course in life. But to have free will you need awareness of what is already there inside you, hidden beneath the surface exterior.

Numerology does that for you. It helps set you free from your hidden weaknesses. It lets you discover and exploit  your latent strengths to their maximum potential. In short, it is a detailed blueprint on what makes you tick and how best to understand yourself and your life!

But don't just believe me.?..

?Here's just some of the customer feedback we've received...

?"Dr. Asoka has written me a precise and detailed Numerology report. Almost all his revelations about me are incredibly accurate both positive and negative details, I was truly  amazed.

What was more interesting, his invaluable advice and suggestions for me to work on my weakness and strength in every aspects of my life. He has predicted a promotion or pay rise is inevitable before end of  2012, yes I got the promotion and pay rise September/2012.

I found his report extremely helpful. Thank you very much Dr. Asoka for bringing  clarity into my life. May God bless you.  I would recommend anyone  seeking clarity in their life and future to consult Dr. Asoka Selvarajah. I truly enjoyed his insightful reading.?

?Revathy S. Govindasamy, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

?"?I never really believed in this divination-like stuff, Numerology included, and got these reports done for me on the whim of a friend. But from the moment I began reading the first report my mouth fell open! It was like somebody had looked into my mind and described EXACTLY my personality and way of thinking, it was almost spooky to be honest.

As a result of these Numerology reports, I not only recognized my known character traits, but also was able to understand myself and my inner wishes better, which helps me to be more in harmony with my inner self and now both my work and private life have visibly improved.?

??Alice Halliwell, Bucharest, Romania

Hi Asoka, I did find my Numerology report very insightful and was laughing a lot about how right on it was. I am very happy I did this because it does help me understand myself better. Being able to see the good, bad and ugly and understand the significance makes life?s journey much easier to get through.

After reading my report I was relieved to see I am pretty much where I need to be. Also it helps me understand what?s happening and to keep moving forward in the right direction.

This is very interesting stuff, these numbers. Thank you for the opportunity to understand myself, and my life. Good job! ?

Linda M. Gillis, Oconto Falls, Wisconsin, USA

?So What's The Price?...

For all the expertise, the years of painstaking research, that went into bringing you this report, you might expect to pay several hundreds of dollars. Frankly, it would be worth every cent. You cannot put a price on the practical usable benefits you?ll gain when you study your report.

So, you?ll be surprised at the price. Your Personality Profile & Forecast Report is just $39.97.

And that?s a steal when you consider the calculations just to derive your basic numbers alone. Plus, you?re getting detailed interpretations of each and every number in depth, as well as profound advice on how they weave together into the fabric of your life. And if that wasn?t all, you?re also getting in-depth daily and monthly advice for the next 12 months, AND your personal year analysis for the next THREE years.

And what?s more?

You MUST be 100% Happy... Or It's Free!

This means you can try out your Numerology report for yourself without risking a single cent...

That?s right. Your Mystic 7 Numerology Report comes with a full money-back guarantee.

This means, if you?re not happy in any way, just request a full refund any time within 60 days from purchase and you?ll get it. No questions asked, we still part as friends. What?s more, I?ll even let you keep the report itself AND the bonuses!

How can I risk that? Simple. Because I KNOW you're going to love your report. ?

So with all this to gain and literally nothing to lose, there?s no real reason why you should not order right now.

?But Wait, There's More...

?Before you do, I?m going to sweeten the pot for you even more to make this a total no-brainer?

?Numerology At A Glance, by Clifford Cheasley (value $19.97)

This is one of the classic works on Numerology and will take your understanding of the subject and of your Numerology reading much deeper. As the author states, ??if the subject is seri?ously studied and applied it will be found a livable, workable science psychology and philosophy of life.?

In your Numerology report, we focus on you and your numbers. However, this  book reveals what Numerology has to say about your early, middle and late life. It gives you different perspectives on Love, Friendship and Career. And throughout this book, you?ll gain fascinating insights into the practical philosophy of Numerology as it applies directly to your life.

Numerology book

?Applied Graphology: How To Analyze handwriting,  by Irene Marcus (value $19.97)

?Irene Marcus? masterpiece work on Graphology is considered a landmark work in the field to this very day. Using this in-depth course, you?ll be able to analyze any sample of handwriting to gain deep (and maybe private!) insights into the character and temperament  of anyone you need to know more about. In fact, Graphology has been used in the sciences of Psychology, Criminology and more.

Using the Graphology secrets revealed in this book, you?ll be able to:

  • Discover whether your boyfriend or girlfriend would make a great marriage partner.
  • Find out if the person you are dealing with is likely to be an honest trustworthy employee.
  • Turn to the handwriting to reveal new hidden insights in order to resolve misunderstandings.
  • Analyze your own handwriting to see how it reinforces and deepens the insights you?ve gained from your Numerology reading!
free numerology chart

and much more?

In fact, all kinds of domestic, personal and business problems can benefit from using Graphology. This science gives you very specific actionable knowledge about yourself and other people. Proof: hiring departments of big firms AND the police use Graphology all the time!

The fact is, this deal is a steal for just $39.97. The information in the bonuses alone is worth that much or more. However, you?re getting an in-depth personalized Numerology report, including your complete Numerology birth chart analysis AND your major Numerology cycles for months and years to come.

So, don?t delay. Go ahead. Simply click the button below to order your personalized Numerology report.

Commence your exciting adventure of self-discovery? right now!

Plus, because you?re here right now?

I can also offer you the Relationship Compatibility Report at a very special price...

This report provides an in-depth analysis into a major relationship in your life. It could be the relationship with your spouse, boss, father or mother, son or daughter?

The choice is yours. Either way, you'll gain invaluable insights into your key relationship.

You can get both reports at a special 20% off, because you?re here right now and took the time to read this letter.

?That?s right. Get the Personality Profile &
Forecast Report AND the Relationship
Compatibility Report for just

?You get all bonuses included ?already mentioned above PLUS this exclusive THIRD bonus  ? Your Subconscious Power: How To Make it Work for You, by Charles Simmons ? when you order the combined report package only.

?Mystic 7 Numerology ? Personality Profile & Forecast/Relationship Compatibility Combined Report Package

?I know you'll enjoy and value your Numerology reports. I look forward to assisting you to improve your life in every way through the amazing ?magic of Numerology.

?Best Wishes,?

?Asoka Selvarajah


?P.S. Remember. With my 60-day money-back guarantee, you literally have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Discover the wonders of Numerology in your life, entirely at my risk. The reason I can do this is because I KNOW you will be happy.

So, go ahead. Give it a try. You'll be so glad that you did. Just like yet another of our happy clients...


?I looked into numerology because I was seeking for help and guidance.  I found the report very accurate and I believe helpful.  I appreciate that Asoka Selvarajah was helpful even after having sent the report.  Looking forward to see how this year develops in accordance with my report and I am certain to be referring to it throughout the year.?

?Anya Rubin, New York, USA   (Artist)

?P.P.S. Please don't wait on this or go away to "think about it". You will NOT be back. Distraction and life will see to that. You know it as well as I do! And that would be an enormous pity. 

Right now, you stand on the threshold of making a CRITICAL BREAKTHROUGH in your life. Numerology gives you the insights you ?need to make full sense of yourself and your life. You will know your life purpose, your strengths and weaknesses, and FAR more than we can possibly list here. Such knowledge brings real ?Power!

You owe yourself this. So, don't wait. Go right ahead and order your ?Numerology Report right now!



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