Why Numerology?

Numerology: My Personal Journey


Hi, my name is Asoka Selvarajah. Thank you so much for visiting our Numerology site.

When I first encountered the very notion of Numerology, I was pretty skeptical. Maybe like yourself right now, I asked myself, how on earth could a bunch of numbers calculated from my name and date of birth date possibly have anything meaningful to say about me at all? The whole idea seemed absurd, especially for someone like myself with a PhD in Physics.

However, as the cliched saying goes, the proof of the pudding is in the eating. So, I decided to give it a try, just for fun. With the help of the Numerology book I had at the time, I calculated my key numbers and then looked at the relevant paragraphs in the book describing them.

Well, the results were utterly astounding. It was as if someone knew me better than I know myself and was giving me profound insights. I recognized these insights – both the positive as well as the critical – as true and wise. Yet, if left to myself, I might never have come up with them. After all, it is difficult for anyone to really know themselves in a truly objective way.

Moreover, I was amazed that so many specific insights were possible from such relatively little data. The whole thing set me wondering about how the universe works. After all, if you can glean so much accurate information about person from just their name and birth-date, what does this say about the nature of reality?!

I tried this “Numerology stuff” out on a couple of friends and the result was the same. They were very impressed with the accuracy. One friend even commented on how the relationship material gave him new insights into his girlfriend and how they could better relate to each other. Eventually, I felt? led to create the Mystic 7 Numerology service on this site, and the client feedback? has been similarly rapturous! It seems that Numerology really does strike a chord with people, in that the results speak for themselves.


How does Numerology work?

There are several answers to this question…

On the more mundane level, regarding the practicalities of obtaining a Numerology reading, a person simply provides his/her full name at birth and the date of birth. With this relative paucity of information, the Numerologist performs a true miracle by generating an enormous wealth of highly accurate and insightful information about the client, without necessarily having ever met or spoken to the latter. It’s literally all in the numbers!numerology

The letters of the name are converted to their numerical equivalents by using one or other of the standard numerological tables. These are then reduced down to a single number, according to different numerology formulae.

So, for example, there is the Expression Number, and the Personality number. These are the two major numbers calculated from the name. However, there are many others that reveal specific key insights into different aspects of a person’s psyche. From the birth-date, the Numerologist calculates the Life Path Number and the Birthday number. However, again, the core data can also be used in other ways (along with the name data), to create time-based forecasts for future months and years. We go into more detail about how to do this, along with specific examples, in our free numerology course.

On a more metaphysical level, the answer to the question, “How does numerology work?” is much harder to answer definitively. However, by pondering the matter intelligently, perhaps we may gain some clues as to what is happening in the non-physical realms.

Both Science and Ancient Wisdom agree that at the fundamental level, Reality consists of Vibration. Vibrations can exist in various modes or energy levels. This is the key behind musical theory. Crucially, it is also the key understanding behind quantum particle and nuclear physics. Indeed, properly understood, both matter and radiation are essentially different forms of energetic vibration, controlled by nothing other than number.

For instance, the periodic table of the elements arranges all the elements according to their atomic number i.e. number of protons in the atomic nucleus. By doing so, families of elements emerge with similar chemical properties e.g. the noble gases such Neon, Argon, Xenon etc. In the world of Particle Physics, a similar situation applies i.e. the elementary particles are found to fit into tables based upon their quantum numbers. Indeed, it was even possible to predict (as was the case with the periodic table of the elements) the existence of as yet undiscovered particles, which were subsequently discovered.


The Periodic Table of the Elements is a clear example of how Number works at the most fundamental levels to create the universe we perceive.


So, we see that Number and Vibration pervade the universe at its most fundamental and basic level. Can it be possible then, indeed is it unreasonable to propose by analogy, that Number also forms the basis of human psychology and interactions? This seems to be what Numerology is telling us.


What can Numerology do for you?

Quite simply, it can open up a whole new world of understanding and opportunity for you. Numbers reveal the hidden patterns, for good or ill, behind your life, your relationships, your decisions – everything. Having such knowledge leaves you enabled to make far better decisions, and puts you in a far better position to manifesting your dreams. Not having it is rather like wandering around blind, and then asking yourself what’s going on and why parts of your body start hurting all of a sudden!

What secrets are hidden inside YOUR Numerology report? Why not find out right away?…

The Numerology report is like an in-depth psycho-spiritual analysis of who you are, what makes you tick. It gives you insight into what you came here to do i.e. the why of your existence. It shows you how best to work with and enhance your strengths. And better understand and work around your weaknesses.

You will start to see and understand the large-scale patterns that have been working throughout your life, often completely unknown to you. You will become conscious of them, and hence better understand the big picture about yourself – your totality from a psychological and spiritual basis.

Self-knowledge is the key to Life Mastery. This has always been the key to personal and spiritual growth. Each person deserves the best that life has to offer. Better income. Loving relationships. Inner happiness and peace. Spiritual growth. The chance to live a life of abundance, prosperity; making use of your full potential as a human being.

That is the promise of Numerology. Moreover, it is a promise that we 100% guarantee

We stand behind the quality of our work. Hence, you can rest assured that you must be completely happy with our work or else you pay nothing. That is how confident we are that you will be totally thrilled with what we do for you.


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  1. How can i use numerology to understand chemistry?that would be a window ..i like the part where you talk about the periodic table of elements, like a numerical chart

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