How Numerology Can Keep The Flame Burning In Your Relationship

numerology relationshipAnyone entering a serious relationship always want the best, for both people involved. Yet, all too often, the love grows cold and is replaced by complacency, and maybe even hostility. Eventually things fall apart. 

So, what are the key factors for keeping a relationship alive, vital and passionate? Let us explore that, and also how Numerology can help two people maintain that initial passion that they first felt for each other.


The truth is that intimacy and relationship are two very different words.

They may appear synonymous when two people really care about each other.

However, they are not. These words have different meanings and actually represent totally different concepts. Yes, you can have a relationship without being intimate. Moreover, as all too many know in this modern age, you can be intimate without ever having a relationship!

However, the glue that binds these two words to each other is that a romantic relationship needs intimacy to survive. Intimacy is the substance which enables a couple to enjoy each other’s presence all the more.

Intimacy is defined as the condition of being private or personal. This speaks to everything that involves close association or familiarity. Two people are intimate when they are able to share with each other the innermost  essential parts of themselves without any kind of inhibition. It is only through creating such intimacy that two people can know each other in the deepest possible way.


This is precisely where Numerology can be invaluable

This ancient system provides deep insights into each person individually, and into the relationship between them. Relationship Numerology looks at the complex interplay of the numbers between two people. Doing so allows the couple involved to spot clear areas of harmony and also potential discord. By understanding how another person views life, and what he/she is seeking, both empathy and a spirit of cooperation can emerge.

By contrast, the inability of people involved in relationships to create intimacy is what results in the creation of distance. This is  why creating a profound understanding is so critical from the very start i.e. you get into the habit from the beginning.

Such closeness is true foundation that forges unbreakable connection between two people. It makes the relationship between them only stronger over time. Each person involved in a close personal relationship must develop the skills to do this if they wish to be together for a long time.

Creating intimacy involves not only paying consistent attention to one another, but also to the relationship itself. It involves respect for each other as people, but also for the relationship as well. Most people do not realize that. Again, by analyzing the various aspects of the relationship as a separate entity, Numerology is a solid bedrock upon which to develop a sound understanding.


As an example for just the Numerology Life Path alone…

here is the kind of insightful advice that Numerology would give for the relationship between two people with Life Path numbers 6 and 1 respectively:

Jane and Robert, your Life Path numbers are the most important numbers in your charts, and, as such, their compatibility is very important to the well-being of your relationship…

Robert is fortunate. Jane’s six reflects a great capacity for love, understanding, sacrifice and support. The six is, by nature, perhaps the most harmonious of all numbers. But Robert is not the only one who is fortunate in this relationship. Jane also has reasons for gratitude. Robert will protect and defend Jane through thick and thin.

The power of the one should not be underestimated. And to have that power and concentrated energy on your side, Jane, can be a real blessing. Robert can make you feel safe and secure, since there is nothing wishy-washy about Robert.

This is a combination that can last for a long time, without ever going through the kind of turbulence so many other relationships experience. But, as always, there is another side to the coin.

This aspect of Robert’s chart reveals an inner force and a driven energy that doesn’t slow down for anything. Robert doesn’t put up with weakness and is demanding of others.

Like a true leader, Robert needs to see courage and strength represented in others. Jane reveals a different nature. At least in this aspect of the chart. Jane is compromising, forgiving and sometimes sacrificing to a fault. Robert has to be careful not to see this as a weakness, since Jane’s  ability to defend the weaknesses of others is alien to a number one.

Likewise, Jane may at times be disturbed to recognize a somewhat hard and unforgiving quality in Robert. Jane should not confuse that with a lack of compassion. Robert is certainly capable of offering compassion, especially towards victims of circumstances, where fault or laziness, or cowardice is not an issue. Only when  Robert feels someone is not pulling his or her weight, can Robert respond quite harshly.

The important thing for both Robert and Jane is to understand that they are very different in the way they view human qualities. Their priorities differ. That’s all. Therefore, if they are able to keep an eye open for their differences and value their respective good qualities, they will certainly enjoy a long life together.

Would not an analysis like this be sure to deepen any relationship and help each person understand the other? Would not some of the tendencies described by Numerology otherwise remain mysteries forever, and tend towards causing strife and division if not revealed as explicitly as just described?

That is why regular and healthy verbal communication is such an important factor in maintaining openness. However, it has to come from a bedrock of true understanding; of the kind just shown in the example.

Yes, physical contact is also essential in maintaining a powerful sense of togetherness in any relationship. Actually, this is why long-distance relationships (or purely online relationships) very much have the odds against them.


Intimacy is all about regular expression of caring and tenderness, one for another.

In this way, each person in the relationship knows for certain how important he or she is to the other. Moreover, full and free expression of feelings is absolutely vital. It is one of the most important factors for maintaining a strong sense of togetherness, and binding a couple together.

Familiarity and openness is always paramount. Hence, two people in a relationship can only be honest and straightforward with each other if they can maintain that level of openness. Saying and doing what is truthful and honest for both fosters an understanding between like almost nothing else can.

An understanding of how the families of origin affect the relationship can be important, although it is usually given little thought at all. It can be essential in understanding a person’s behavior because it derives directly from the atmosphere in which he or she grew up.

Therefore, it is critical that romantic partners really take time to listen to what each other thinks and feels, while trying to understand where this way of approaching the world originated from. In this way, it becomes easier to live in the present, without the ghosts of our respective pasts hanging over us forever.

It also becomes easier to envision a life together in the future. You maintain a chemistry that enables the couple to perform in a united fashion; a true team that faces all challenges as ONE, not as separate disconnected individuals.

Finally, it is valuable for people concerned about creating deeper relationships to always try to promote the personal growth of one another. It should always be remembered that those involved in relationships are there to complement each other in every way.

The relationship is the medium that enables people to learn this simple truth. Having an intimate love relationship means sharing one’s own person with his or her partner in the best possible way.

So, how does your relationship rate with regards to these vital factors?…

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