Numerology Personality: What Does Your Number Say About You?

Numerology personality can come in handy…

…when getting to know other people or discovering more about yourself.

Did you know that your birth date could actually reveal a great deal about you? That’s the amazing truth, according to numerology personality analysis. Adding your birth date numbers will uncover your birth path number, which in turn will tell you something about your character. Every birth path has primary and secondary influences. The primary birth path number is the day of your birth while the secondary influence is the sum of the month, day, and year by which you were born. By the application of a few simple rules, a profound numerology personality analysis can be achieved.

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As an example, here’s how to calculate the birth path number for November 26, 1983.

Month: 11 stays as is since 11 is a master number like 22

Day: 26 becomes 8 since 2 + 6 is 8

Year: 1983 becomes 3 since 1 + 9 + 8 + 3 is 21 and 2 + 1 is 3

Birth Path Numerology Formula is Month + Day + Year, so it’s 11 + 8 + 3, which brings us to 22. As mentioned earlier, 22 is a master number and should not be added together. So if your birthday falls on November 26, 1983, your birth path number is 22.

So what does 22 reveal about your numerology personality? Before going into that, let’s see what the other birth path numbers say.

Birth Path Number 1 : The Achiever

People with birth path number one are said to be born achievers. It’s not a big surprise since this number denotes being on top. They’re driven by the desire to excel in their field and succeed in their chosen career. They’re also great leaders, noted for their courage, independence, and determination.

Birth Path Number 2 : The Idealist

Apart from idealism, numerology personality number 2’s are also known for their diligence, intuition, optimism, affection and love for peace. They’re often deep thinkers, mediators and philosophers. They have a knack for being fair and rational.

Birth Path Number 3 : The Artist

Overflowing with passion, creativity and imagination: this is the perfect way to describe people born with this birth path number. Not only that, they’re also blessed with natural wit and sense of humor that make them life of the party.

Birth Path Number 4 : The Pragmatist

Pragmatists are not only rational and practical minded, they’re also organized, systematic and very hardworking.

Birth Path Number 5 : The Opportunist

5s recognize an opportunity when they see one. They’re also great with people as they are gifted with awesome social skills. They’re also risk takers that would dare to try even seemingly impossible ventures.

Birth Path Number 6 : The Caregiver

People with six as their birth path number are born nurturers. Their numerology personality says they are affectionate, compassionate, generous and reliable. They find it difficult not to help those who are in need.

Birth Path Number 7 : The Seeker

Birth path number seven is for the seekers. These are curious and questioning people who are always on the lookout for answers. They also tend to be eccentric and spiritual.

Birth Path Number 8 : The Affluent

Since eight has always been considered the lucky number, this birth path number is associated with not only wealth but also success, accomplishment and education.

Birth Path Number 9 : The Philosopher

9s are popular for their analytical minds. They’re also great humanitarians since they’re selfless and honest.

Birth Path Number 11 : The Visionary

People with this birth path number find it impossible to contain themselves within the norms set by the society. Their numerology personality dictates that they think outside the box. They are always brimming with new ideas and concepts.

Birth Path Number 22 : The Global Thinker

Finally, we get to 22, which is the birth path number example given earlier. 22’s are a numerology personality that makes them global thinkers; business minded and goal oriented. They never want to be restricted to the confines of their present location or situation.

Numerology personality will indeed bring light…

…into people’s attitudes, mindset and behavior. It’s an effective way of getting to know more about yourself and the people around you as well. Moreover, it is also an invaluable tool for gaining far deeper insights into yourself as well.

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  1. I want to know mainly about my education and work life for example will I be able to get a degree?

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