What is Your Number: Using a Numerology Calculator

What is a Numerology Calculator?

Numerology is the ancient science of numbers. It is based on the belief that numbers reflect the certain tendencies or inclinations of an individual. The numbers determine the person?s character, motivations, talents, and life purpose.

Understanding the way numerology works is simple. If you want to know what your numbers are, you can find a free numerology calculator online. Most every? numerology calculator requires you to input your complete name and the date of your birth. It will then provide information about your:

A numerology calculator requires the following data…

Birth number, which refers to the day of your birth. This means that if you were born on February 12, your birth number is 12/3. The numerology calculator provides a description of the numerology number strengths and weaknesses, which are actually reflections of your characteristics. To determine your numerology birth date, most numerology calculator software programs take note of the individual numbers if your birthday falls on a two-digit date because they believe that the qualities of the two numbers make up your overall personality.

Name number, which is the single digit number that results after adding the numbers that correspond to the letters of your name. You can

numerology calculator

calculate your name number manually by assigning the numbers 1 to 9 to the letters of the alphabet. Once you reach 9, start over with 1. So, 1 should be assigned to the letters A, J, and S, 2 to B, K, and T, 3 to C, L and U, and so on. The result of this process is called a numerology chart. The next step is assigning these numbers to the letters of your name and the sum is your name number, which influences the areas of your personal and professional development.

Destiny number, which is the number that will give your luck or fortune. You can calculate your destiny number in the same way you calculate your name number. You can also do this by adding the numbers of your birth date. As the name suggests, the destiny number gives you a reading about what you should become or aspire to become in order to make the most of the potential you were given at birth.

Life path number is the result of adding all the digits in the birth date until it becomes a single digit. The life path number is considered the most influential number because it determines the traits that you will carry throughout your life.? There are different ways the life path number is calculated:

1)? The numbers of the birth date are added:

For instance, the birth date of June 14, 1965 will produce a life path number of 32/5 by adding 6+1+4+1+9+6+5.

2)? The three units of the date are added and the result is reduced to a single digit:

So, 6+14+1965 = 1+9+8+5 = 23/5

3)? Each unit of the birth date is broken down to a single digit, then added:

Hence, 6+5+3 = 14/5

Knowing your number will help you determine the right steps to take and when to take them in order to maximize your potential to achieve success.

A sophisticated numerology calculator can even…

… interweave the results of its analysis to create a lengthy numerology report that is detailed, insightful and well-written. However, such software does not come cheap. Hence, if you just wish to have your own numerological chart done, it might be best to just have a qualified numerologist use their own numerology calculator to do it all for you.

In summary then, we have discussed in this article what using a numerology calculator, to determine your key numbers and their interpretation, can do for you.

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