The Numerology Chart: Key To Your Life & Destiny?

numerology chart

The numerology chart and astrology chart are similar only in so far as they aim to achieve the same overall goal. This is to understand the individual under consideration from an esoteric perspective. In other words, we try to access hidden information about a person based, in the case of the numerology chart, in the person’s name and birthday.

Numerology Chart is an Art

It’s not clear why this is called a numerology chart. In fact, this form of analysis usually takes the form of a lengthy written report. Either way, numerology is an art that has persisted for many thousands of years; perhaps for as long as there has been numbers and writing.

In many instances, people who have their numerology chart done are absolutely astonished at the accuracy of the analysis that Numerology reveals, most especially since the only input data is nothing more than a person?s full name at birth and also their birthdate.

For many people who experience this astonishing revelation, it seems like a confirmation that the universe is indeed a place of deep mystical meaning. After all, could this possibly work? What could be the model? I give you my name and birthday, and you can tell me things about me that even I don’t know, but recognize as true as soon as I hear them?

Numerology Chart Analysis From Bob Dylan

Examples abound. For instance, many of the numerology chart analyses for Bob Dylan bear an astonishing resemblance to what we know of him and his life. As with astrology, you have to consider many different numbers and how they interplay with each other. People are complex and hence so too is their numerology chart analysis.

Actually, there IS such a thing as a numerology chart, i.e. a diagram. It displays the key numbers of a person, most especially their cycles wherein their numbers evolve over time, in one composite visual display. Most people have little interest in this actually, since it effectively means nothing to them. Much like the astrological birth chart, the numerology chart requires substantial knowledge of numerology in order to make sense of it. Otherwise, it is just a pretty but inscrutable diagram.

Some work has even been done to try and apply the numerology chart approach to predicting the movement of stocks on the stock market. However, more popular by far is the use of astrology to forecast financial markets. There is a whole sub-culture of books and software dedicated to this truly esoteric subject.

Numerology Chart of the West

It must also be said that the Western system of numerology chart is not by any means the only kind. There is Indian, Chaldean, Hebrew and many other types of Numerology, taking as their basis different alphabet systems. It is beyond the scope of this discussion to consider the synchronicities between the different systems.

In conclusion, numerology charts have a wide variety of uses, and are well worthy of investigation as a possibly critical tool for self-understanding!

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