What Do The Numbers Mean In Numerology?

Numerology Meanings – Introduction

Have you ever wondered what the different numbers mean in numerology? There are many different numerology meanings depending on which number comes up. Here are a few of them.

Under the Chaldean system of numerology, each compound number has different numerology meanings. The number 10 for example, signifies the Wheel of Fortune. The concepts of rise and fall, faith and self-confidence, and honor all fall under this number. If the letters of your name add up to this number, the numerology meanings may imply that you will be known either as a good or evil person. What reputation you will acquire will depend on your desires. The number 10 is also a lucky number, because it may mean that plans will come to fruition for people for whom this number is significant.numerology meanings

Unlike its predecessor, occultists see the number 11 as an ominous number. If this is a significant number for you, expect others to deceive or betray you. You may also encounter trial and hidden dangers. The symbol of the number 11 is a Lion Muzzled or a Clenched Hand. This is appropriate, because it means that a person will have to surmount great obstacles.

While not as ominous as the number 11, the various numerology meanings of the number 12 does not also signify a positive state of mind. If the number 12 is significant for you, then it may mean that you will become anxious or that you may experience suffering. The number 12 is known as the Victim or the Sacrifice. It may mean that you will be sacrificed so that the plot and machinations of others will succeed.

Numerology Meanings In The Chaldean System

Many believe that the number 13 is very unlucky. But Chaldean numerology holds that this simply isn’t true. According to ancient writings, people who understand what the numerology meanings of 13 are will come to possess power.

There are two commonly used systems of numerology that many people use to interpret numerology meanings: the Pythagorean school and the Chaldean school. Although Chaldean Numerology predates Pythagorean Numerology, the latter has more adherents.

You may know Pythagoras from this theorem, which is a building block of basic geometry. This expert mathematician was born in Greece in the 6th century B.C. He had an affinity for numbers. Pythagoras is known as the Father of Modern Numerology. He went to Egypt and studied there for a number of years. He also studied the science of numbers in other parts of the world. Pythagoras eventually returned to Greece. He set up a philosophy of numbers, with great emphasis upon numerology meanings, as well founding an esoteric college. This institution still exists in modern-day Greece.

Pythagoras taught for almost 40 years. It is believed that he employed secrecy as a teaching method. Each of his students went through a rigorous screening process. They also had to stay silent for five years. This helped them contemplate and build an abiding faith.

Numerology meanings can be used to…

…get to know yourself a little better. It might even confirm aspects of your personality that you are already aware of. Overall, therefore, numerology meanings are of profound significance in esoteric analysis and have many practical applications.

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