Life Path Number: Know Yourself, Know Your Numbers

Life path number meaning is considered to be a helpful tool in numerology, which can help you determine your:

  • Personality
  • Traits
  • Weaknesses

It is indeed a great tool, which can reveal your unique abilities; those that you have acquired through birth.

life path number meanings

The life path refers to your current avenue in life and the future road that you are going to embark on. Your life path number is already determined at birth. So how do you calculate yours? You could obtain it from a numerology calculator or you could sum it up yourself. First, get the sum total of the month, day and year of your birth. Then, reduce this four-digit number to 2 digits by adding them all together.

Example: For a person born on November 29, 1982, add 11 (for the month of November), 29 and the year 1982. This would give you a sum total of 2022. Reduce this to two digits by adding them, which would giver you 6.

The numerology chart has life path numbers from 1 to 9…

Each life path number corresponds to a distinctive quality that a person was said to have acquired through birth. He would also be carrying these unique traits and abilities as he journeys through life.

Life path number 1-9

Life path number 1

People born under life path number 1 are considered peacemakers and adaptors. These persons usually become great leaders and are determined and courageous. They are highly assertive, ambitious and have independent attitudes. If taken on the negative side, they can become too bossy, egotistical and selfish.

Life path number 2

Persons born with life path number 2 are somewhat sensitive, diligent and intuitive. They can become deep thinkers and have the ability to be a mediator and a diplomat. These persons are often seen to be rational and fair. On the negative note, they can become indecisive and pessimistic.

Life path number 3

These are the bubbly, friendly and energetic people. They are gifted with a good sense of humor and a natural wit. These people are often the life of every party and people enjoy having them around. Though they are very positive natures, they can be impatient and too critical of other people.

Life path number 4

Persons with life path number four are hard workers, practical and logical beings. They are also organized and very systematic. If not careful, these hard workers can become too absorbed with their work and be materialistic.

Life path number 5

This is the freedom loving nature. These people are usually very attractive to the opposite sex due to their fun loving and flexible nature. On the negative side, these perky persons can become irresponsible and inconsistent. They need a great deal of change at times in order to keep them interested in a relationship.

Life path number 6

Persons under life path number six are considered extremes. If taken positively, they beam with great creative power. But when taken negatively, they become worrywarts. They are also unselfish, tolerant and loving. Persons born with this number have a tendency to be a slave to others, giving more than what he has.

Life path number 7

These persons are generally quiet and are not attached to material things. They have a deep focus on spirituality but they can sometimes be too hard to understand. They are also very philosophical, which could make them great teachers. On the negative side, numbers sevens can become too secretive and loners.

Life path number 8

Persons born under this number make up a great manager. They are successful-minded, strong and organized. One of the downfalls of this successful nature is that they have a tendency to treat their relationships like business meetings.

Life path number 9

Persons born under this number have a great sense of compassion and generosity. They are very unselfish and are great humanitarians. They are honest and idealistic. They are very unlikely to harbor any grudges. Number nines can be quite sensitive and are less tolerant of a competitive environment.

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