Chaldean Numerology: The Esoteric Numerological System of the Ancients

Chaldean Numerology

Also called Mystic Numerology, Chaldean numerology

…is the older of two numerology systems. Ironically, it is Chaldean numerology that is the less popular system, even though many believe that it is the more accurate.

One reason for Chaldean numerology’s lesser status could be that this numerology system is more challenging to learn. Compared to other numerology systems, the alphabet values in Chaldean numerology are not that systematic. The numerology of the Chaldeans can be used to analyze a person’s name. This numerology system is supposed to impart a metaphysical or occult tinge to the destiny that is part of a person’s character. Chaldean numerology may show invisible strings or hidden forces that are not immediately apparent.

The Chaldean people were once found in the Southern part of Babylonia. They were devoted to the occult and studied it extensively. The Chaldeans also contributed to the fields of mathematics, astronomy, numerology and astrology. The Chaldean people developed a reputation for metaphysics.

To start analyzing your name using the Chaldean system of numerology, you should pick the name by which most people know you. This name is the most important factor in Chaldean numerology.

This system assigns values to each letter. In order to analyze a person’s name in Chaldean Numerology, the values that correspond to each letter are added up.

Next to one’s name, the second most important factor in Chaldean numerology is one’s birth number. This is determined by the day of the month on which a person is born. One’s health and personality may be affected by one?s birthday.

Chaldean Numerology 1-8

The numbers in the Chaldean system of numerology start at 1 and end at 8. The number 9 was not assigned to any alphabet letter. This is because the Chaldeans believed that the number 9 was sacred and holy. But if your name happens to total 9, then retain this total. Some letters that are assigned to the number 1 are A and I. B and K are assigned to the number 2. C and G are designated as 3 while D and L are assigned to the number 4. The number 5 is connected to letters E and H while the letters U and V are designated to the number 6. O and Z are the only letters assigned to the number 7 while F and P are the sole letters connected to the number 8.

It is important to remember that under the Chaldean numerology system, single numbers stand for the physical outward appearance of a person’s name. Once you know what the single numbers mean, it is time to take your knowledge to the next level.

Chaldean Numerology believes that…

…the deeper hidden influences or metaphysical forces behind one’s name can be represented by a compound number. Let’s say the letters of your first name add up to the number 30. This number is known to signify retrospection, thoughtful deduction and mental superiority over one’s peers.

Ultimately, the Chaldean system of numerology can be used to provide deeper insights into one’s nature.

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