Numerology Name Charts & Readings

A numerology name analysis…

… is based upon converting the letters of the alphabet in the person?s full name at birth into their numerical equivalents. Numerology uses a counting convention wherein A=1, B=2 through to I=9, after which the 1 to 9 sequence recurs for all of the remaining letters through to Z. The numbers in the name are then totaled and reduced to single numbers for each name through a process of repeated addition (with the exception of master numbers such as 11, 22 etc which are left unreduced).

The numerology name analysis is only part of the overall picture. In addition to name numerology, the date of birth is also analyzed. This gives the all important life path number, which governs the overall life direction of the person. That said, the numbers generated from the numerology name alone lead to a vast range of different perspectives and numerological components.

How does numerology name analysis work? The best esoteric notion is that everything in the universe is essentially vibration, including ourselves and our individual names. Each letter in the numerology name represents a vibration, and the composite effect of these is an overall macro-vibration that accurately describes some aspect of the person to which it is associated.

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Skeptics apart, most people who try numerology name and birthdate analysis? tend to agree that it yields some remarkably deep perspectives as well as many useful insights that the person might never have considered. Indeed, some people have even been converted from skeptics to true believers after having had their numerology chart done for the first time.

The letters in the name can also be used to establish certain time cycles in a person?s life, pinnacles, transits and other such specific numerological cycles. These cycles can even be calculated down to the daily level. However, it has to be admitted that the latter short-term cycles are of debatable value, as they tend to give just a flavor for the day, which may or may not be accurate.

How does the numerology name analysis compare…

…with other esoteric systems of personality and spiritual analysis? Perhaps the best way to answer this is to suggest that various esoteric systems of analysis should be complementary to each other. Astrology yields many valuable insights of its own, and is generally better at analyzing time cycles. Both Astrology and Numerology will yield many insights that reinforce each other strongly. This is not surprising since we are dealing with the same person. However, it might be surprising to anyone who does not believe in their veracity, since they would expect purely random results.

The main system of Numerology in use these days is the Western system, whose number allocation was explained earlier. There have been other systems throughout history; Chaldean, Chinese, Indian, Kabbalistic numerology and more. Doubtless, many of the secrets of ancient numerology have been long lost. That said, much of its richness and power remains for us to benefit from today in the modern world.

Anybody who has not had his/her numerology reading done may benefit greatly from doing so. It is, after all, yet another self-analysis tool. Surely, when all is considered, we cannot know enough about ourselves. The fact is that numerology name analysis enables us to do that through the riches of information it provides.

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