Numerology – What is it?

Numerology is a system of numbers for measuring the vibration of the letters of the alphabet, so that human person?ality, desire, thought, action and experience may be easily understood in accurate mathematical values.

Numerology is not new, except as a new phase is always added to any subject by its revival from the past and its adap?tation to modern needs. The philosophy of numbers condenses the wisdom and knowledge of seven thousand years, for in ancient times the same numerical values which we are using today were associated with the languages long since discarded.

As human intelligence expands and comprehends larger possibilities for the present and future, it gropes for and adopts new words through which to make its comprehension apparent. While dictionaries become larger, alphabets remain much the same and the exact values of the numbers 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 are not at all affected from generation to generation. Any alphabet is just a scale of letters capable of being collected and arranged into many different combinations, just as the keys of a musical scale can be adapted to express varying moods in composition; the letters and keys themselves however remain the same.

Letters considered apart from words describing a thought or from a name attached to an animate or inanimate object, are found to be sounds of a definite vibratory frequency which can be measured by number. Anything then that has a name has a number and this number found by the addition of the numer?ical value of the letters which are used to construct the word, is an exact key to the character of the thing named. By this same number can be found the proper relationship to all other words, all other names, all other personalities.

Numerology is so immediately useful as well as a fascinat?ing pastime, that it has fallen into disrepute as merely a fad for choosing lucky numbers and changing names. There is much more than these elementary uses, in fact if the subject is seri?ously studied and applied it will be found a livable, workable science psychology and philosophy of life.

Every form of modern engineering is a method for analyz?ing, reconstructing, building, transmuting or reclaiming mate?rial and for accomplishing this according to some system of calculation, measurement or deduction erected from a mathe?matical premise. Numerology in its true sense is also an exten?sion of mathematical principles, erected for the purpose of Human Engineering whereby human material may be analyzed, reclaimed, improved, character built and human experience understood.

Physical engineers work to reduce various kinds of resist?ance between surfaces, substances and forces; the human engi?neer works to reduce the resistance, the wear and tear, the lost motion which is created between individual experience and the effort of the individual mind to live it and still survive with a belief in and enjoyment of, health, wealth, love and work.

The student of Numerology is provided with a sane, prac?tical, logical, and therefore not always complimentary, view?point of the truth in the problems of his own life. The road to health, wealth, love and work, the only four possibilities of human life, is not presented as a broad general highway which all may travel together, but as a straight individual pathway. This makes for concentration of energy, self confidence and individual success, the knowledge of what to take and what to leave alone. It proves that the sure way to benefit humanity as a whole is to put the individual upon the right track. Numerology is a great tool for achieving this.

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