Numerology & Name Change

Numerology maintains that the name we receive at birth has been proved to be an exact indication to our character and our ability in this life. It may also been seen, however, that this name from the numerological vibration standpoint does not always place us in the best possible atti?tude to the lessons we came to learn as shown from the “Path of Life.”

By changing our name, therefore, we adjust ourselves more favorably to the experiences we are bound to meet in this life, giving ourselves a better chance of success. In choosing a new name for ourselves or in adjusting the one to which we are already entitled, there are several important but simple Numerology rules to be considered:?

1st. To choose a name that in its final digit is along the same zone, either odd or even, as our birth name, i. e. if our own name is numbered upon the odd side choose a signature with an odd “Expression.”

2nd. To choose a name that in the individual digits is har?monious. Names that have a final digit made up of odd and even digits are not harmonious, such as l+6+7=5, as such an expression has to be put along two lines, odd and even, and there must be a separation of energy.

3rd. To choose a name that in its final digit is in the same zone, odd or even, as the “Path of Life” final num?ber, or the number of the “Life Cycle” in which we are living.? This leads the individual to development in the right direction.

The effect of changing the name and of signing a new sig?nature is to bring around you more favorable conditions by in?tensifying in your life the force which is seen as its “Expression.” Hence, a capable knowledge of how to change the name is of great far-reaching consequence, because it is often evident from numerological analysis that in the signature is the explanation of certain conditions that are provoking us.

It is not advisable to advocate the wholesale changing of names for yourself or others, after this knowledge is included, since the signature intensifying certain experiences undoubt?edly gives us certain lessons that cannot be ignorantly inter?rupted. There is one infallible indication that the signature should be changed and this is when its bearer is dissatisfied with its form, is unhappy under certain conditions, and is will?ing, without knowing what will happen, to allow the signature to be changed. Such an individual is ready to be lifted out into new experiences.

The change of name only very slightly affects our Life Purpose number , is more apparent in the change which it gives to our Impression, and, most of all, is seen to affect our Expression Number, bringing out in everyday life just the qualities that its vibration stands for.

The Expression number of the signature of a married woman determines the vibration under which her marriage has placed her life, and will be found to explain the new experi?ences which have been included since its adoption.

The individual who will get the most accurate reading of the signature is the one who will intensify one way of signing the name, for where so many different signatures are used, the conditions of the life are more subject to change and less easy to determine as distinct experiences.

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