How To Calculate Your Numerology Name Chart

In Numerology analysis, there exist three vital components to your personality.

1st. The inner nature, with its inherent likes and dislikes, viewpoints, inten?tions, desires, ideals and standards. Using this unique outlook, you consciously or unconsciously judge literally everybody and everything you encounter in life.

2nd. Your overall general appearance, or physical type, i.e. that which impresses itself upon strangers when you first meet them, in ways that are either positive or negative to your success.

3rd. Your basic temperament, with which you overtly respond to people and things you encounter in your daily life. This phase is used as a vehicle for your ideas, as well as to show your nat?ural abilities.

These three phases may differ from one person to the next, which is why you are not always content with the manner in which you express yourself, or you find it hard to positively impress others in the manner you had wished to.

These three phases of the personality are revealed by the letters and numbers of your Numerology name, as it was given to you com?pletely at the time of your birth. If other names are now used, or if additional names were added by adoption, confirmation or marriage, disregard these and write only the complete origi?nal name as it was first given to you.

Select the vowels or the letters a, e, i, o, u in this name and place over the top of them the numbers corresponding in the table of the alphabet which follows.

Next, you add these numbers of the vowel letters together and re?duce the total to a single digit. This is called your “Ideality” number. This number reflects your inner nature, what you aspire to do and be, what you appreciate in other people and in your environment. It is the Numerology number that shapes the motives behind everything you do.

To calculate the number of your general physical appearance or “Impression” put the proper numbers under every letter of the name except the vowel letters of a, e, i, o, u which you have already numbered. Add these numbers together to reach a total, and re?duce this total to a single digit.

In order to find the number of your general temperament, the “Expression”, put the proper numbers under every letter of the name; add them up to a total and finally reduce this total to a single digit. This number will reveal the methods you are likely to take to express your ideas, how you are in the habit of talking and acting, how you usually handle your opportunities.

Practice with the following example…

Numerology Name Chart

numerology name calculation example

After you have calculated the numbers of the three phases of your personality, Motive, Appearance and Method, you can then look up the corresponding meanings for those numbers in your Numerology reference books.

When practicing this method, you are advised to study first your own numbers, and then try to relate them to what you know of yourself. After that, you can branch out and try calculating the names of the most inti?mate associates in your life. Do not be impatient or make the mistake of at first attempting to reconcile all individual action, impulse and appearance with the numbers. Remember! People do the best they know of; many do not realize their true possi?bilities as clearly as Numerology does, and so they cannot be expected to live up to these all of the time.

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